Monday, October 08, 2012

Hobart Book Hunt

As well as Hobart sight seeing with my wife (see previous blog), when she had to go to work on Monday and Tuesday I spent my time book hunting.  In the past I've picked up some pristine copies of 60's paperbacks from Tassie, but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky this time.  However I did discover a bookshop with heaps of Jonathan Capes.  Here's some photos

- Ellison Hawker Bookshop (new) - had a couple of the new Gardners and some Higson covers plus the 50th Anniversary Bond Postcards

 - Astrolabe Booksellers (rare and antique) - none

- Deja vu Books (second hand) - a good paperback copy of "The Diamond Smugglers" and a US hardback of "Thrilling Cities".  I only purchased the paperback from these very friendly owners

- The Hobart Book Shop (new and second hand) - Penguin Flemings plus Kev Walker Young Bonds

- Rapid Eye Books (second hand) - a few Pans but unfortunately none for me here

- Kookaburra Antiques And Books (second hand) - hardback copies of "James Bond - The Authorized Biography" and a Cape "From Russia With Love" with dust jacket (but I felt a little too expensive despite needing one of these)

 - Imperial Secondhand Bookshop (second hand) - five 60's Pans and a heap of Jonathan Capes, many first editions.  They even allowed me to take the books out of the cabinet and take a group photo.  I've never seen this many Capes in one store.  The two owners were great guys to talk to.

 - Tolhurst's Downunder Bookshop (second hand ) - none.  But the very friendly owner wanted to let me know about the Fantastic Fiction website which he said he often used as a reference

 - Collectables Antiques (second hand) - upstairs I found a tatty Cape "OHMSS" for just $14 but I let it go.  I also organised some other common Flemings together for them on the shelf but no luck here

 - Antiques To Retro (second hand) - last time I visited this store I purchased a really nice copy of Pan "Colonel Sun" but unfortunately they had none this time

- Dymocks (new) - a couple of Higsons, Roger Moore's "Bond On Bond" and some Vintage Flemings.  None for me though

 - Fullers Bookshop (new) - a great shop and a good copy of "Silverfin" in the Kev Walker Young Bond series which I purchased and a Penguin Fleming

So at the end of my book hunt I purchased two books: a paperback "The Diamond Smugglers" and the Puffin "Silverfin".  But some of those Capes are calling my name !

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