Friday, July 28, 2017

Quick City Book Hunt

I'm just sitting at Flinders Street Station waiting for my train after a quick trip to the City to pick up some stuff.

I first made my way to the Saturday Book Market at Fed. Square where one stall had four Ian Fleming - Jonathan Cape hardbacks for sale.

Then Kay Kraddock Antiquarian Booksellers where I found another Fleming - Cape. 

I decided not to purchase any of the hardbacks however it's not everyday you see five Fleming - Capes for sale, all published in the 1960s.

Here's some other snaps I took today:
Side of the Forum Theatre with Fed. Square

Melbourne P.O. clock tower

New safety bollard covered in Lego by an anonymous artist

Some vintage buildings on Queen St

Side view of Flinders Street Station during renovations

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weekend Book Fairs

Ok, it's been a while since I last posted on this blog.  My wife and I have been back in Oz for almost a month now after our fantastic time in Europe. 

It's certainly been busy since our return, however I'll be sure to complete my other blog entries from the trip with many still existing at the moment as drafts.

Anyway, last Saturday I got up early and visited the Oakleigh Anglican Church annual book fair.  Unfortunately I found no Bonds but it's always good to visit, especially as it's for charity.

Then I, along with my wife, her sister and parents drove to Yarragon in Gippsland for the annual country fire brigade book fair.  My wife and I visit this one every year and I've been fortunate in the past to find a couple of books there.

When we arrived at the hall in Yarragon it was packed with books and book hunters.
I managed to find seven Bond paperbacks amongst the thousands...
... and before I left I felt compelled to group them all together for another Bond collector to discover as I had them all.

No luck this year but I'll be back again next year with my fingers crossed.

Friday, May 26, 2017

European Vacation - Northern Ireland - Belfast

The next stop on our European holiday was Belfast in Northern Ireland.  It was certainly strange to go from metric street signs to imperial ones as we crossed the soft border in our rental car.  And the same freeway from Dublin suddenly contained tractors, public buses and even garbage trucks stopping beside houses with their driveways adjoining the road.

As we had arrived late into Belfast, due to our stop in Newgrange, the book stores I intended to visit were already closed.  We visited the Giant's Causeway the next day so it was only on the morning before we caught our ferry from Belfast, NI to Cairnryan, Scotland that I was able to visit the three stores all located on Botanic Street.

The first was the charity book store War On Want, where I spoke to Tony, a volunteer, who was running the store today.  The store was really well categorised but to save time I asked him if he knew if there were any Bonds on the shelves.  He replied that they were not very common and he hadn't seen a Bond book in a while.  There were plenty of other great books to buy though. 

I then crossed the road to Oxfam Books, another charity store (if only we had charlty stores in Oz that specifically sold books!), and spoke to the volunteer there.  This time he told me they did have some Bonds and I took some photos but unfortunaly I had them all.

Finally I visited the new kid on the block.  No Alibis Bookstore has only been open for couple of months and is a great little store.  It sells crime, noir and thrillers (my words not theirs) and the books are both new and second-hand.  I found the owner very friendly and I hope he does well with his new venture.  This street seems to be a very lively and happening part of Belfast and the location of the three book stores so close together won't hurt either for other book collectors like me.

And finally some more photos from our holiday:

The Giant's Causeway (this place is amazing !)

Ulster memorial to "The Troubles"

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

European Vacation - Ireland - Dublin (again)

After visiting Galway for a couple of nights we then returned to Dublin.  Here I was able to visit several book stores I'd previously missed.

The first was Chapters on Parnell Street.  This book store is huge.  The ground floor sells new books...

... while on the first floor there are literally thousands of second hand books for sale.  This store is very impressive and has to be visited when in Dublin.

I also managed to visit this small second hand book store at the other end of Parnell Street.  But after I asked the owner if he had any James Bond novels he explained that Ian Fleming's books are "too old to stock them".  His accent was so strong I actually thought he said he had "two on his shelf" and stood there like an idiot waiting for him to point them out to me before I realised what he'd said.

Every Saturday at Temple Bar Square there's a book market.  However as we arrived late from Galway they were just packing up and only one stall remained.

And finally, here's some more photos from our trip:

Trinity College including the fantastic Long Room containing thousands of old books.  This building was used as an inspiration for the Jedi Archives in Star Wars.  We also saw the Book of Kells which was amazing considering it was written around the year 800

Another building in Trinity College

And some photos of the ancient tomb in Newgrange between Dublin and Belfast  The centre chamber is approx. 6 metres tall, covered in tonnes of rock.  Although no photos are allowed in the tomb it is possible to take photos of the entrance and the giant engraved stone. The tomb was built prior to Stone Henge and the pyramids of Giza