Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Piz Gloria Website Launched Five Years Ago Today

It's party time here in Oz as PizGloria.com was launched five years ago today.  During that time there have been over 15,800 visitors which is really pleasing.  The number of visitors in 2016 (3,380) is slightly less than 2015 (3,995) however I made several significant changes to the site in 2015 and the film "SPECTRE" was also released in cinemas, two reasons I attribute to the slightly lower patronage in 2016 but still great numbers nonetheless.

As usual here is a brief analysis of the stats below:
- The average number of pages viewed per visit has remained almost the same with 6.84 in 2016 compared to 7.06 in 2015
- The overall number of page views for 2016 was almost 40,000 which is less than 2015 when there were over 46,000
- The average time spent on the site during a visit in 2016 was 3:00 minutes which is half a minute less than 2015.  In 2012 the average was 4:40 minutes per visit/session

Year 1 - Jan 24, 2012 to Jan 23, 2013

Year 2 - Jan 24, 2013 to Jan 23, 2014

Year 3 - Jan 24, 2014 to Jan 23, 2015

Year 4 - Jan 24, 2015 to Jan 23, 2016

Year 5 - Jan 24, 2016 to Jan 23, 2017

So in summary I'd once again like to thank everyone who has taken time to visit both the Collecting Piz Gloria blog and the PizGloria.com website. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rare Hardback Arrives

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a copy of Christopher Wood's "James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me" for sale on the web.  I've been searching for this elusive hardback for years.  So when I found a copy available and read that the book was a 1977 First Edition - Jonathan Cape, NOT ex-library, and the price was just over AU$300 I immediately went about the process of purchasing it.
Today the book arrived in the mail.  It's not perfect but for such a rare book I'm very happy with it.  Plus it's great to finally have it on the shelves between Fleming, Markham and Gardner.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Secondhand Book Store Visit

I'm just on my way to the beach with my wife and sister-in-law on a beautiful Summer's day here in Melbourne.  And as we got closer to the beach I thought it might be a good idea to quickly drop in at Bound Words in Hampton.

Unfortunately no books for me today but what a fantastic day for a visit !

I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year filled with plenty of great Bond items to add to their collection.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Terence Mountain Responds

Recently I sent a couple of questions to the actor Terence Mountain and was stoked when I received a response.  Terence, or Terry as he prefers, has appeared in many films and TV shows including "The Avengers", "The Saint", "Where Eagles Dare", "Lassiter" and "Biggles", as well as two consecutive James Bond films; "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and "Diamonds Are Forever" (if only he'd given Mr Lazenby the same advice !).  Here's a photo of him in action during the pre-credit sequence of "OHMSS" with George Lazenby:

Baz - "Hi Terence, I was just curious how you're feeling about all this renewed interest in OHMSS almost 50 years after it premiered ?"

Terry - "Hi mate, thanks for your views. O.H.M.S.S. 1969 - (I feel) so lucky to have played in this film."

Baz - "And back in the 70's and 80's did you ever think that one day in the future this film would get the credit it deserved as one of the best films in the Bond series?"

Terry - "oo7 George Lazenby was great to work with.  Great experience.  Great fun.  And to think I still get invites to events. So lucky."

Baz - "Thanks heaps.  Much appreciated."

Terry - "Ok mate, my pleasure.  Thank you again for your message.   Regards and best wishes for Xmas, Terry Mountain"

And finally, here's some photos of Terry at the official opening of the 007 Walk Of Fame on July 31, 2015 at Piz Gloria, Schilthorn in Switzerland.

Attack on Piz Gloria - Part 2 !!!

Terry with Sylvana Henriques who played a Bond Girl in "OHMSS"

George Lazenby with his 007 Walk Of Fame photo

Terry with his 007 Walk Of Fame photo

Monday, November 07, 2016

Booktalk Cafe In Richmond

My wife and I travelled to Richmond on Saturday to visit Booktalk Cafe.  We drove along Swan Street but couldn't see the familiar blue sign hanging from the awning out the front.  Here's some photos of the store I stole from the web (Dixon's Recycled website) as I couldn't find any I'd taken myself.

And here's a photo of the inside of the store (again stolen from the web - NZ.PinInterest).

So when we parked and started walking and reached 91 Swan Street we found a different book store; Avenue Bookstore.  It turns out Booktalk Cafe, which was both a cafe and a secondhand book store, closed six months ago.  And now a new book store selling only new books has opened instead.

Sadly it seems we've lost another secondhand book store here in Melbourne.  But good luck to the owners of Avenue Bookstore.  I hope you do well and last a long time.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Strike Lightning" Released In Oz

The third Young Bond novel written by Steve Cole titled "Strike Lightning" has been released in Australia.  The book is published by Red Fox and I really like the uniform covers designed by BlackSheep-UK.  I have titled this series of covers the Red Fox series.  Strangely the copy of "Shoot To Kill" shown in the link is still not available here in Oz with this copy purchased in Singapore by a friend.

I purchased this copy of "Strike Lightning" from Dymocks in Camberwell which is a regular haunt of mine.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Mountains Of Books Bookfair This Weekend

I'm currently sitting in a warm sunlit car having just scoured all twelve book stalls at the annual Mountains Of Books Bookfair in Ferny Creek, The Dandenongs.

There are hundreds of books on a wide variety of subjects for sale and when I arrived at 10am there were already plenty of like-minded people checking them out.

I managed to find several James Bond books for sale.

The book fair is open this weekend from 10am til 4pm.  I purchased two books - a 1964 hardback edition of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" by Ian Fleming with a nice dust jacket and also a non-Bond related non-fiction book - "Thylacine" by David Owen, which will soon become my bedtime reading.