Saturday, July 14, 2018

Annual Yarragon Book Fair 2018

Last Saturday morning we set off on our annual trip to Gippsland for the Yarragon Book Fair. My wife and I, her sister and parents endured a wet and wild two hour drive before we arrived at the little town.

Despite the interesting weather a large number of people also made the same journey to attend the book fair organised by the local fire brigade.

As usual the hall and adjoining rooms contained thousands of books. My father in law, an avid reader, filled his self-imposed one bag quota within five minutes while I searched for Bond books. I managed to find these five paperbacks, two of which I found in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section.

I ended up purchasing the movie tie-in version of "The Man With The Golden Gun" shown above. It's not a perfect copy, but definitely hard to walk past for just $1 !

After finishing our hunt we then walked around the corner to the local cafe where we had a delicious lunch. I can't speak highly enough of the home made sausage rolls. They're fantastic.

Two hours later we were home and hosed, after another enjoyable afternoon in Yarragon. But we will return...

Here's a couple more photos I took while in Yarragon. The town has some great gift and art shops, cafes and bakery, and is well worth a visit.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

A Couple More Additions

In the last week I've acquired two new James Bond books for my collection.  One I received in the mail.  The other was a surprise discovery during a routine visit to Dymocks bookshop in the City.

The first book which arrived from the UK was a hard back copy of "Forever And A Day" written by Anthony Horowitz and published by Jonathan Cape.  This edition is sold exclusively by Goldsboro Books, has blue edges, includes the author's signature and is limited to just 750 copies.  It's a lovely copy and is the third copy I now own of this title.  My previous blog entry includes the other two.

The second book was a paperback version of Ian Fleming's "Dr No" published by Vintage Books.  It was reprinted as part of a new "Heroes And Villians" series.  The cover is a little unusual, as is the size of the book, but it looks great when shown with other matching covers from different authors.  This is the only Bond title included in this set.

And finally, here's a photo of the entrance to the City Dymocks store which is undergoing renovations and I might say already looking great.  I was in the City with my wife and sister-in-law to see a fantastic performance of "The Wizard Of Oz" at the Regent Theatre.  No relevance to James Bond but I've included some photos anyway.