Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Skyfall" Melbourne Preview Screening

Tonight my wife and I attended a preview screening of "Skyfall" in Melbourne with some friends.  It wasn't a big event or anything, a heap of cinemas were holding preview screenings.  But it was great to see a new Bond on the big screen and as expected the film didn't let down.  Javier Bardem almost stole the show from a really strong Daniel Craig, while the supporting cast were excellent too.  The film was definitely a strong entry to the series, and despite the fact the Bond films have veered away from their roots (and chronology) to remain current and successful, this film still had a few old touches to link it to its predecessors (especially the DB5) !

I may have snuck the photo above during the course of the film.

The Australian premiere of "Skyfall" was in Sydney last Friday, while the film's official release date here is this Thursday, November 22.   Barbara Broccoli, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe all attended the premiere in Sydney last Friday.

Also as a side note, I visited the City with my wife for some shopping on the weekend.  I made the obligatory visits to a couple of book stores, my wife waiting patiently every time.  No luck though.  But I did manage to take another photo of the huge "Skyfall" billboard near Flinders Street Station.  This is a better photo.

Photo of  Flinders Street Station opposite

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