Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nobody Likes A Smartarse !

A strange thing occurred while I was driving home from my small book hunt today.

I often listen to an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) radio station in the car.  It's run by the government and provides great news and information about local and world events.  I like to listen to it while driving to and from work as I never get to see the 6pm News on TV.

I occasionally listen on the weekend too, especially when there's cricket on.  Luckily I had it on tonight because the guys on the radio had just discussed "SkyFall" and were asking listeners to call in for a Bond film music quiz.

So I pulled the car over and rang them, and low and behold I was the first person through.  This must be the third time I've ever been on any radio station so I was a bit nervous.

They introduced me and then asked a question like "What was the title of the theme song to 'Live And Let Die' ?".  Anyway I might have (stupidly) elaborated on the answer by also saying it was performed by Paul McCartney and Wings, and they said "Well that was the next question we were going to ask so we'll skip that now".  They then asked a question about the producer of the song, George Martin.

Out of curiosity they asked who my favourite Bond actor was, before they continued with the quiz.

The next question was something like "Who sang the theme song to 'OHMSS' ?".  I explained that "OHMSS" only had an instrumental theme song by John Barry, and the song I thought they might be referring to was Louis Armstrong's which occurred during the film.  They said "We think you're going to know all the answers to the quiz tonight, so how about we just give you a prize and then continue the quiz with some other callers".  I said no probs.  I did come across as a bit of a smartarse.  Anyway, they're still sending me a sports prize and the guy who asked for my address at the end said "The guys have never done anything like this before".

I was very lucky too because the next question was "What was the title of the theme song to 'Quantum Of Solace' ?".  I knew it was sung by Jack White and Alicia Keys but couldn't recall the title so I would have got the next question wrong!

Regardless, perhaps I should have curbed my enthusiasm.

ps."Another Way To Die"

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