Monday, February 29, 2016

City Book Hunt + North By Northwest

I apologise for my tardiness in writing blog entries this year.  It's been a busy year so far and I probably haven't spent enough time on this blog or

I did however visit the City a couple of weeks ago with my wife. 

We visited a few stores (including the book stores shown below), had a fantastic Japanese dinner at Fed Square and then attended a stage play version of "North By Northwest".  And I have to say the stage play was brilliant.  I wondered how they were going to do the Mt. Rushmore scenes, the train, the crop duster biplane and the corn fields... and yet they pulled it off remarkably well.  If you ever get a chance you have to see this stage show !

Alright, getting back to the book hunt.  As usual we visited City Basement Books.  Not as many Bond books as usual which is actually a good sign as it means they're making sales.  Looking forward to visiting this store again soon.

We then visited Dymocks.  I was after copies of the Charlie Higson "Young Bonds" with the new Young Bond logo but I already had the copies on the shelf.

Next up we visited Fed Square where the Saturday Book Market was being held.  We both had a look but neither of us found a single Bond novel which was unusual.  Previously there were always plenty of ex-library hard backs for sale.

Finally we visited Hill Of Content and then The Paperback Store but alas there were no Bond books on my wanted list.  So instead we returned to the Arts Centre where we settled down to watch the aforementioned stage play.

Friday, February 12, 2016

First Book Hunt Of The Year

I haven't visited many second hand book stores this year.  So last Sunday my wife and I thought we'd make a visit to one of my regular haunts; Abra Card Abra - Roycroft Antiquarian Booksellers in Kew.  To avoid making the same mistake as us though you should know that Roycroft have changed their opening hours; they're no longer open on Sundays.  We found out the hard way !

We then made our way to Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn where we visited Readings book store.  This store sells new books and I hoped they may have a copy of Charlie Higson's '"Hurricane Gold" with the new Young Bond logo.

They did, however the cover didn't meet to my very fussy requirements.  Looks like my search continues...

They did have a number of other Bond related books including these two below.

And while in Hawthorn it's hard to resist Haigh's chocolates just a few doors down.  We bought a bag of freckled chocolate buttons and they tasted great.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Another Young Bond Purchased

Last Thursday night I visited Thesaurus Bookstore in Brighton as it's open till 6pm on weekdays.

A quick check of the Young Adult readers section revealed a copy of Charlie Higson's "By Royal Command" featuring the new "Young Bond" logo.  These books are hard to find in good condition because the covers are easily scratched so I snapped this one up fast.

I now have four books in this Young Bond series featuring the new logo, with just one to go.