Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Book Hunt North Of The Yarra

Sometimes life gets in the way of collecting.  Currently my sister-in-law is in hospital and the last thing I'm thinking about while still in eternal covid lockdown is hunting for books online.

But I have been going through photos on my phone and found this bunch from October 7, 2017 when I crossed the Yarra River and searched for books north of the City.

Howard Bolton Bookseller in Northcote.  Howard always has a collection of good condition Bond novels, many from the 60's and 70's, and this day was no different.  I also always scour his wall of first edition hardbacks looking for an elusive Ian Fleming first.

Alice's Bookshop in Carlton.  This store no longer exists at this location but as you can see at the time they had a Hawkey Pan "Diamonds Are Forever" on the table on the footpath outside the store and a copy of "Devil May Care" inside.

Fully Booked in Thornbury in the Spy-Fi section.  This is a great book store that has a high turnover of quality books and friendly owners.  I would be highly surprised if these books are sitting on these shelves today.

Allsorts Secondhand Books in Northcote.  Sadly this store also no longer exists as the owner, Paul, happily retired.  I do miss this store though.  Sometimes stores that have an eclectic collection of books contain hidden treasures.
Brown & Bunting Booksellers in Northcote.  Located around the corner from Howard Bolton Bookseller this store contains quality books with a high turnover of good quality early Bond novels.

Already Read Books in Fitzroy.  I have rarely visited this store so it was great to drop in and see what was available.  I'm definitely looking forward to returning once these covid restrictions are over.

Abra Card Abra Roycroft Antiquarian Booksellers in Kew.  Containing a wide variety of novels covering many different categories over two storeys, this secondhand book store is easily one of the biggest in Victoria.  It's always a pleasure to visit this store with it's huge collection of Pan paperbacks downstairs (more often than not including Fleming) and hardback and more paperback Bond novels upstairs.