Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Skyfall" Again + New Book Store Open At Chaddie

I went with my Dad and brother to see "Skyfall" on Friday night.  Fortunately the film was still very good upon second viewing and there were other things that took my attention.  I also took a couple more photos.  Not really sure why though, there are better images of the same scenes on the web (sans peoples heads in the way!)

Also, on Thursday I went with my wife to Chaddie (Chadstone Shopping Centre - the largest in the southern hemisphere I believe).  Both Borders and Angus & Robertson had shops there until a few years ago when they closed.  Then for the last few years new books were only sold in the department stores and the newsagent.  But to my surprise I discovered that Robinson's Bookshop, an independant book store I used to visit in Frankston and from where I used to purchase many new books, have opened a second store in Chaddie.  Great to see this book store expanding their business and I hope they go well in this new location.

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