Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hunting For "Hurricane Gold"

I spent an hour travelling between stores today on the hunt for the last Kev Walker Young Bond "Hurricane Gold" that I'm missing.  Today I was in Melbourne's South East suburbs.  I first visited Dymocks at Southland Shopping Centre.  No luck there though, they only had the previous Charlie Higson Young Bond covers.

Then I travelled to Brighton where two stores exist almost directly opposite each other on the main street.  Top Titles Books is a great independent store with a huge collection of new books including hundreds of children's, all well organised within a relatively small floor space.  Back in 2009 I ordered the two Vintage "Devil May Care" novels from the US through this store and they arrived in perfect condition.  Unfortunately no luck today though.

Then I walked across the road to Thesaurus Books, another independent store, containing heaps of new books too.  This is a really long shop, well lit and always stocking the latest books.  Again no luck today.

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