Sunday, July 23, 2023

Latest Bond Paperbacks In Oz

Earlier this year, in April, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of "Casino Royale", Ian Fleming Publications released a new series of paperbacks.  This series includes the 12 James Bond adventures, 2 short story anthologies and 2 non-Bond novels: "Thrilling Cities" and "The Diamond Smugglers".

As I'm in Australia these books have taken a long time to hit bookshelves here.  In fact I was concerned they'd never arrive.  However when I visited the Dymocks City store on Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find two copies available: "Casino Royale" and "Moonraker".  There was also the mass market paperback size version of Anthony Horowitz's "With A Mind To Kill" which I have never physically seen before either.

I purchased the Horowitz Bond novel which I'll add to when possible.  As for the Fleming titles I hope to organise a set of these new paperbacks soon.