Thursday, November 10, 2022

Visit To Five Adelaide Bookstores

My wife and I are currently on holiday in South Australia.  During our time here we've visited many secondhand book stores.  Here's five we visited in Adelaide:

1) Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers

One of the two gentlemen in the store explained that they currently had no Ian Fleming novels, nor any continuation books.  But they often come across Ian Fleming - Jonathan Capes so I was told to keep checking their website:

2) O'Connell's Bookstore

This store has the most James Bond novels I've seen for sale in one store in quite a while.  First edition Jonathan Capes, a second edition Pan Books "Casino Royale" and plenty of old Pan paperbacks.  I purchased an unread Still Life series copy of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".  There is also a wide variety of titles and categories of books for sale.  Here's a link to many of their books:

3) New Morning Books

This store had four Bond novels including two Jonathan Capes.  I didn't check the editions though but they could be firsts.  The owner John has a wide variety of other books available too.  There's no website but there is a Facebook page: 

4)  Imprints Books

As well as stocking new books this store also has a selection of secondhand books at the rear of the store.  Their website is:

5) Orchard Bookshop

This book store had no Bond novels on the day we visited, however it has a specialised selection of titles over a wide variety of categories which can also be found here:

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Bazeer Flumore said...

Thanks MI6. Good plug for the spy thriller "Beyond Enkription" too