Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Exchanges Alive And Well In South Australia

When I first started collecting paperback books one of my favourite second hand book stores to visit was a book exchange located on Nepean Highway opposite Moorabbin train station.  Nowdays in Melbourne book exchanges are rare as hen's teeth.  But that isn't the case in South Australia.  During our recent holiday my wife and I have visited a number of book exchanges, and each one appeared to be going strong.  I'm certain there are more around but here's three:

1) Elizabeth South Book Exchange, Elizabeth South

This book exchange can be found travelling to or from the Barossa Valley.  The store has heaps of books under a wide selection of well displayed categories.  The owner is very friendly, the books are well priced and neatly categorised, and the "Detective" section now includes only three of the four Bond books in the last photo above... I purchased the 1960 Pan Books copy of "Moonraker".  Here's the Facebook page:

2) Magill Book Exchange, St. Morris

This book exchange has so many books the shelves are overflowing.  The books are well categorised but if necessary the owner, Susan, can guide you to the exact location of an author or perhaps even book title on her shelves. This store is definitely worth a visit.  Here's the Facebook page:

3) O G Book Exchange, Klenzig

This book exchange is owned by a gentleman named Krell.  He's owned this book exchange for over 30 years, so while he has plenty of great books on his shelves there's also DVD's, BluRays, vinyl LP's and magazines.  The prices are great too.  As you can see in the last photo above he has many James Bond paperbacks for sale.  Sadly I didn't buy any today.  Here's the Facebook page:

Just as a final note, if you're book hunting in Adelaide I definitely recommend visiting these three book exchanges.  Prices are cheap, the books are great, there's a wide variety of titles available under many different categories and you're almost always going to find something you want.

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