Monday, November 21, 2022

Adelaide Outer Suburbs Bookstores

The outer suburbs of Adelaide are brim with second hand bookstores.  As well as the book exchanges I wrote about in my last blog post there's plenty of other book stores to visit.  Here's a few:

1) Book Bird, Tea Tree Gully

As the owner explained Book Bird books is primarily a second hand book store, however they do have a service where they offer store credit on books which are returned. They consider themselves a general book shop with an eclectic range covering all genres and an emphasis on Australiana, Natural History and Military History.  As you can see in the last four photos they also have a large number of James Bond novels.  Their Facebook page is:

2) The Lions Club Of Glenside Book Mart, Tusmore

The Lions Club of Glenside have operated this book shop for several years now.  Completely run by volunteers it's impressive to say the least.  There are thousands of books neatly organised on tens of shelves in an old Scout Hall, with plenty of space for more.  And all the money is used by the Lions Club to support many community, charity, health related, youth and senior citizens groups.  There were plenty of Bond novels when we visited and I was told the books turnover quite often.  Their website is: which also includes a rare books page

3) Goodwood Books, Goodwood

Entering this bookshop is like walking into a quality bookstore.  The shelves are adorned with great quality books by female authors.  Sarah, the owner, is friendly and very enthusiastic.  I managed to find this copy of the Bond related "The Moneypenny Diaries" but there are plenty other mystery and adventure novels for sale, both vintage and modern.  Their Facebook page is:

4) Colonel Light Books, Daw Park

This bookshop has plenty of quality books for sale at great prices.  They're neatly organised and well displayed.  Their Facebook page is:

5) Rotary Club Of Mitcham Book Shop, Daw Park

Located just a short walk from Goodwood Books, this book shop run by Rotary volunteers is really well organised and contains quality paperbacks and hardbacks.  The people running the store are very friendly; for instance the volunteer behind the counter on the day we visited not only grabbed a few other spy thrillers to recommend when I mentioned James Bond, but he also explained there was a 50% sale coming up soon for Christmas.  Their Facebook page is:

6) East Avenue Books, Clarence Park

This book shop is located in a lovely suburban street near the train line and is well worth a visit.  There's a large collection of vintage books including Penguin and Biggles titles, but there's also plenty of modern titles too.  Several small glass cabinets contain rarer hardbacks including the four Ian Fleming - Jonathan Cape first editions shown, plus some signed editions by other authors.  The owner Peter, also has a Jonathan Cape first edition of "Goldfinger" for sale which he didn't have in the store on the day I visited, but he told me it was for sale online.  Their website is:

7) Blackwood Books, Blackwood

This store is linked to Goodwood Books, with the owner Nathan being Sarah's son.  There are thousands of books on the shelves ranging from Thrillers to Science Fiction to Art.  The store is well sorted and categorised and the books are well priced.  I was fortunate to purchase this early Pan Books paperback of "Moonraker" on the day I visited.  Their website is is:

8) Paddy's Book Shop, Clarence Gardens

Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit this book store but I was told they have a great selection of titles.  I found the photo about on Yelp.  Next time we visit Adelaide I'll definitely be paying them a visit.  I couldn't find a website or Facebook page but this link includes many details:

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