Thursday, November 24, 2022

Regional South Australian Bookstores

While in South Australia this past week my wife and I not only visited book stores in suburbs around Adelaide but also in several regional areas, including the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Hahndorf and Mt Gambier.  During our travels we've also stopped at many book stores.  Here's a few of them in no particular order:

1) Unbound And Unwired, Port Willunga (near McLaren Vale)

This secondhand store has only been open for around 2 months however the owner used to operate another book store close by.  This shop had lots of interesting books on its shelves; plenty of Summer reading for locals and visitors alike.  Sadly I couldn't find a website or Facebook page.

2) Chapter Two Books, Stirling

We visit this store every time we visit South Australia, but sadly it was closed on this day.  I managed to take a couple of photos through the front window though.  Hopefully I can go inside next time I visit S.A..  Here's their website:

3) Matilda Bookshop, Stirling

This book shop sells new release titles.  The staff are friendly, the store is well organised and the selection of books is great.  Their website is:

4) The Book Shed, Stirling

This secondhand book store shed was my wife's favourite from our entire travels.  Not only are there thousands of well organised quality books but the prices are great.  They have plenty of books featuring James Bond too.  Also, there's a table out front covered in books that just require a gold coin donation as payment.  Their website is:

5) The Raven's Parlour Book Store, Barossa Valley

The friendly and helpful person I spoke told me this store once sold secondhand books but now specialises solely in new releases.  It's a lovely, clean store and seemed to fit in perfectly with the other businesses in the Barossa Valley.  Here's their website: 

6) The Book Place, Mt Gambier

Another book store closed on the day we visited, this time in Mt. Gambier, however I managed to take these photos through the front window.  I'm also glad I couldn't see any James Bond novels inside as it would have been very frustrating to be so close yet so far.  Here's their Facebook page:

7) Roz Greenwood Old And Rare Books, Dunkeld (near the Victoria/South Australia border)

Like the Book Place above this store was also closed as we drove through Dunkeld on our way to Mt. Gambier and then Adelaide.  The store closed at 4pm and we arrived at 4:20pm.  Alas I hope to visit it again another time.  Obviously I managed to take a photo through the front window anyway.  Here's the closest I could find to a website:

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