Tuesday, January 27, 2015

John Gardner - James Bond Box Set Arrives

Last year I came across a post on The Book Bond that discussed reprints of five John Gardner - James Bond paperbacks released in a box set by Orion in the UK.  Like John from The Book Bond I'd also never seen this box set before.  As time has gone on this set has become more visible on online shopping sites and recently I was able to acquire a set for a reasonable price.  Today it arrived in the post and the box looks great.  It was extremely well packaged too so it arrived unscathed after it's long journey from the other side of the world.  Thanks also to my Aunt for organising postage to Oz. 
There's alse a synopisis of each novel included on the back.

I've got a few Bond box sets now and as a result I've decided to add another page to the Piz Gloria website showing my collection of box sets.  It certainly won't be complete as I'm missing at least three sets, but I'm hoping to add the page shortly.

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