Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Signet "Octopussy" Variant Arrives

A few months ago I was browsing the web and came across an "Octopussy" variant cover I'd never noticed before.  The book, published by Signet in 1967, most obviously differs from a similar Signet edition by the colour of the title text: orange versus white.

Recently I was able to acquire a copy of this variant and today it arrived in the mail.  I was very pleased.

I haven't had a chance to scan the cover yet and unfortunately I can't access my original book to display the two together, but here's today's book with a scanned image of the original.

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Tikit said...

Hi Bazeer, That's a good one, definitely a variant and not one that's just faded in the sun - as I've been caught out by before! Cheers, Tim