Friday, January 09, 2015

Christmas Book Hunt In Melbourne

I managed to visit City Basement Books while staying in the City for a couple of nights.  It was great to see a few people in the store.  There were 3 Flemings, a couple of Woods, a Faulks and 4 Gardners.

There are so many books in this store yet they are well organised and cared for.  And travelling down the stairs beneath the footpath it always feels like you're entering a hidden part of the City.
During our travels my wife noticed this store in Melbourne Central, The Little Library.  Sorry the photo is a bit blurry.  It's an honour library where any book borrowed must be replaced with another book.  Not sure what I would have done had there been a Bond I was missing on the shelf as I didn't have any old books on me !
There was also this New Years Eve party being advertised at a pub upstairs.
And here's some other pics I took of the City while my wife and I were walking about.

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