Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sydney Break

Last Saturday was Australia Day, a public holiday which commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet to Australia in 1788.  So my wife and I flew to Sydney to stay with one of her friends and her partner for the long weekend.  As well as the obligatory book hunting (see next blog entry) we also spent some time sight seeing.

On a very wet Sunday we walked from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay.  Then after exploring the Opera House and grabbing a drink at a bar underneath we caught a ferry to Manly.  Here's some photos.
 Darling Harbour.
Sydney Monorail, soon to be no more.
Pic taken while walking along a path on the harbour foreshore toward Circular Quay.  The walk only takes about 30 minutes and passes a number of new buildings under construction, including the site of a new casino.
Some old buildings along the path.  These ones are near a suburb called The Rocks.
 One of the first views of the Opera House near Circular Quay.

 Harbour Bridge.
A massive ocean liner, "Voyager Of The Seas - Nassau" moored in the harbour, perhaps on it's way to Tassie ? (see previous blog entry this month)
 View of the Opera House from ground level.
 Inside the Opera House.
An indication of the size of the ocean liner.  Vessels as large as this are unable to go under the bridge.
 View from our ferry leaving Circular Quay toward Manly.
Manly beach.  Despite the bad weather the life savers were still on duty as there were surfers in the water.
 Our return ferry arriving.
A couple more pics of the Opera House as we travelled past it on the ferry.


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