Saturday, April 17, 2021

Part 2: More Jonathan Capes Arrive

After purchasing the copy of "Dr. No" mentioned in my previous post I also noticed another couple of Jonathan Cape hardbacks at reasonable prices, both from the same seller.  I quickly placed bids and won, and two days ago they arrived accompanied by a thankyou note from the seller.

The first was Ian Fleming's "Goldfinger".  This edition was published in 1963 and is a fifth impression.  I think Richard Chopping's skull dust jacket/wrapper for Ian Fleming's "Goldfinger" is brilliant.

The second was Ian Fleming's "You Only Live Twice".  This edition was published in April 1964 and is a second impression.  Again it has a lovely Richard Chopping dust jacket/wrapper.

I doubt I'll find many other reasonably priced Jonathan Cape - Ian Fleming hardbacks for sale any time soon.  The Coronavirus pandemic around the world has resulted in a huge increase in online sales by people trapped at home and these types of books are now demanding inflated prices, but I'll be keeping my eyes open anyway.

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