Monday, September 26, 2016

Another Saturday Book Hunt

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I travelled to Northcote to check out the secondhand book stores.

The first was Howard Bolton Bookseller where Howard immediately greeted me as I entered the store.  He then showed me a 2013 Book World Night edition of "Casino Royale", published by Vintage, from behind the counter.  These editions are quite rare in Australia however I already had a copy so couldn't buy it.  He also showed me what I call his "secret stash" of books (excess stock he doesn't display on his shelves) but none for me today.  I will return again soon though.

Next was Brown And Bunting Booksellers just around the corner from Howard's.  Unusually I could only find five Bond's in the store today so I think they've been selling a few lately.

Finally I visited Paul at Allsorts Secondhand Books just a few steps down the road.  I managed to find four Bonds here but unfortunately had them all.

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