Friday, July 19, 2013

Yarragon & Red Door Book Shops

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, after spending some time at the Yarragon Book Fair I then made a visit to the Yarragon Book Shop.
So after a delicious lunch at a cafe with my wife I quickly walked to the book store while my wife sat patiently in the car.

As soon as I walked in the owner, Peter, remembered me and asked how my Bond collecting was going.  I told him it was a little quiet at the moment, but I was still looking.  After a quick browse I found a US hardback copy of Benson's "Zero Minus Ten".  (Unusually I didn't take a photo!)  Peter then showed me two paperback Bonds he had at the front counter.
Immediately I saw the copy of "You Only Live Twice" I noticed the wrapper/dust-jacket.  Peter also pointed this out to me.  Despite already having a copy of this movie tie-in dust-jacket I decided to purchase this copy too due to its relative scarcity.  It is slightly damaged, I suspect by silverfish, but it was still a great find.  "The Man With The Golden Gun" was also a better copy than my current copy, so I bought that too.
I quickly made it back to my wife with my new found bounty and we headed off on our journey home.

But our trip home along the Princes Highway was briefly interrupted by a visit to the Red Door Book Shop in Warragul.  My last visit to this store was on a Monday when it was closed (see the bottom of this previous blog entry for a couple of photos if you're interested.  My wife and I had just spent the weekend in Metung.)  This time however it was open.

As soon as I walked in Wayne, the owner, greeted me and asked if I needed any assistance.  I told him I was looking for Bond novels and he remembered I was the person with the Piz Gloria website.  He told me he still had it bookmarked on his computer while I followed him to his Bond paperbacks.
The Red Door Bookshop has a wide variety of books, all in great condition.  Wayne also knows a thing or two about books and interesting covers.  He said it was fine to take a couple of photos, even offering tips on the best angles in his store and the use of his ladder to give a different view.

Finally, just before I departed Wayne pointed out his Gardner/Bond hardbacks.  He also showed me a UK first edition in paperback of "Moonraker" he had for sale.  Unfortunately I had them all.
After I bid Wayne farewell, my wife and I then started on the rest of our journey home.  I'm certainly lucky to have such a tolerant wife !

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