Monday, July 08, 2013

Saturday Morning - Camberwell Book Hunt

Last Saturday morning I visited some second hand book stores in Camberwell.

The first was Sainsbury's Books.  This store is for the professional collector and often has the harder to find Bond books.  This time it had a copy of Deaver's "Carte Blanche" plus a copy of Higson's "Blood Fever" (not pictured).  But it also had a copy of the more difficult to find hardback "How 007 Got His Name" by Mary Wickham Bond.  No purchases made though.

Over the road from Sainsbury's Books is a Salvation Army Opportunity Shop (aka Salvos Op Shop).  They have plenty of books, and ever optimistic I had a quick look.  I managed to find a Faulks "Devil May Care" and a Higson "By Royal Command", but no new books for the website.

The final bookshop on my Camberwell visit was a store just over the road from the historic Rivoli Theatre.  Camberwell Books has a large number of books, many of which are on-line.  I've purchased a few paperbacks from here over the years.  Today they had two Gardner's "GoldenEye" and "Nobody Lives Forever" and two Flemings "OHMSS" and "From Russia With Love", all of which I had.
 Overall no new purchases, but it's always good to be out there. 

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