Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Hunt One

Over the past few weeks I've visited a number of second hand book stores .

The first was Out Of Print Books in Caulfield South.  There appears to have been a turnover of Bond books since last I visited in January of this year, as this time I counted 8 paperbacks for sale.  The bloke behind the counter was friendly as always.  When I asked he said he didn't have any other Bond books in the store that he was aware of, but then remembered a Penguin "Casino Royale" displayed in the window.
I then walked up Glen Huntly Road to the next store.
On entering Syber's Books I was immediately greeted by the owner sitting behind his counter.  As always he was loading book descriptions for sale on the web.  I made my way to the fiction section but alas there were no Bonds.  I did ask the owner and he explained they were being held at Penny Syber's Book Store on Chapel Street.  I made a quick trip around the store (just in case) and took a number of photos displaying the huge number of organised books available. 

A week later I visited Abra Card Abra Roycroft Antique Booksellers in Kew East.  There were a few old 60's paperback Bonds sitting among the huge collection of old Pans downstairs, and upstairs there were 8 hardbacks.  No new purchases though.


My wife and sister-in-law (SIL) were with me on the day we visited some bookstores in Kew.  I left my wife and SIL at Readings Bookstore, the great independant book store selling new books, and ran up the road to Bradstreet's Books...
.. but it was closed.
Returning back to the car near Readings I found my SIL had purchased a motivational book by Tony Robbins.  At least she had been lucky !

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