Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Port Douglas Again And Cairns

Whileaway Bookshop & Cafe in Port Douglas sells new books within a pleasant cafe atmosphere.  When my wife and I visited this store late last week we'd only just returned from a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef so didn't have time for a coffee or cake.  But there were plenty of customers which was great to see in a bookshop in a beachside town.

A visit to Cairns before flying back home on Sunday allowed us to also visit Sue's Book Exchange.  The store is huge, well organised with thousands of second-hand books.  I spoke to the friendly woman behind the counter (Sue ?) who explained that she's encountered plenty of James Bond books over the years but recently found they've become more scarce.  So no Bond books from my visit on this day.

The last book store we visited on our Winter break was Gemini Books just out of Cairns.  The woman inside explained that she'd been operating the store for almost 30 years and wasn't aware of any Bond novels amongst her second-hand stock.  We both had a quick look, and while we couldn't find any Ian Fleming novels we did manage to find the John Gardner title shown below.  This store was also really well organised with a wide variety of books.  Definitely worth a visit if you're visiting Far North Queensland.

My wife and I are back home now in Melbourne.  The average temperature in Port Douglas was 27C while here it's around 13C; quite a shock to the system !  So here's a final look at sunny Port Douglas during our week there:
A beach in the Daintree National Park
Another view of Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas
Feeding fish at Agincourt Reef
A friendly (and loud) bird at a cafe in the Daintree National Park
View of coral at the Agincourt Reef
Wallaby with joey
Cape Tribulation in the Daintree National Park
Mossman River in Mossman Gorge.  It's freshwater so allows swimming with no chance of crocs
Coconut on the beach at Port Douglas 

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