Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last Orion Gardners Arrive (+ ESL Book)

Today I received four more books in the Orion Dan Mogford series - "Never Send Flowers", "Cold", "Goldeneye" and "Seafire".  These are the last four titles in this series, all written by John Gardner.  It will be great once I can scan them and add them to the website.

I also received a Longman English Second Language copy of "For Your Eyes Only" with a cover similar to a copy of "Thunderball" from Longman.  I believe there are only two titles with covers like this, but I'll keep looking anyway.

Finally on the topic of English Second Language James Bond novels, Macmillan Readers had a discount coupon offer in October to coincide with the release of "Skyfall" at the cinemas.  They offered 15% off all their Bond Readers novels.  Unfortunately the discount code has now expired, but it's great to see them promoting their Bond novels like this.

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