Wednesday, March 06, 2024

John Gardner's "Seafire" Variation Arrives

Around the year 2012, when I first launched, a fellow James Bond book collector visited the site and commented about the existence of a second cover for John Gardner's "Seafire", published in the U.S. by Berkley Books in 1995. 

At that time I already owned one copy of the "Seafire" paperback, which I purchased when it was first released.  My cover featured the book's title in silver foil.  So when this person informed me of a variation cover I immediately set about trying to acquire one.

Roll forward 12 years and I've just received a copy of the variation cover in the mail.

It's certainly been a long hunt.  There were copies appearing from time to time on internet shopping sites, but many were well read beaters.  So when I received the parcel containing this edition, plus six other Bond titles, I was eager to see what condition it was in, especially after it's journey from the U.S. to Australia.

And here's the two variations of this Berkley Books paperback side by side.  The cover on the left with the yellow text is the 3rd printing while the cover on the right with the silver foil text is the 1st. I believe the 2nd printing also features yellow text but I don't have that edition.  Both copies share the same ISBN: 0425147754.

Unfortunately I've forgotten the name of the collector who first informed me about the existence of this variation cover, but whoever you are thank you very much.

Ps. If you're interested in seeing some other slight paperback cover variations here's the page on the website.

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