Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bond Omnibus Arrives In The Post

"The James Bond Collection" featuring "Casino Royale", "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Dr No" by Ian Fleming arrived in the post a couple of days ago.  This omnibus was released in the US in May this year but instead of purchasing a copy on-line my plan was to buy a copy while on holiday last August/September.
However upon seeing a physical copy in a Chapters Bookstore in Vancouver, CA I realised it was going to be too heavy to take home in my suitcase and I had to abandon that plan.

I'd never been in a Chapters Bookstore before when I entered this store in Vancouver City in August this year.  It reminded me of a Borders store, right down to people sitting in chairs reading books and magazines they'd picked up from the shelves.  (I'm not sure that similarity is a good one either.)  As well as the omnibus they also had copies of the latest series of US Fleming covers and many of the new US Gardner covers.  There were many Charlie Higson novels for sale but no Young Bonds.

And if you're interested, here's some more photos I took while in the same Chapters store.  Since the demise of Borders there are no book stores as big as this in Melbourne any more.  I was very envious and wondered if these Canadians knew how lucky they were to still have such a large retail base for books.

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