Tuesday, May 31, 2022

"With A Mind To Kill" Waterstones Exclusive Edition

Today I received a hardback copy of Anthony Horowitz's latest James Bond novel "With A Mind To Kill" in the mail.  The novel was published by Jonathan Cape and released on May 26, 2022... just 5 days ago.

I purchased this exclusive edition from Waterstones in the UK.  It's signed by the author and features a stencilled edge that reads "007".

Finally, here's the boards under the dust jacket.  I imagine these are standard for all versions of this hardback.

Overall I have to say what a nice looking book this is.  And now I'll have a chance to read it too.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Community Book Library

While visiting some friends over the weekend my wife and I spent some time with them walking around their suburb.  As I commonly do whenever I see a community book library containing books and CD's/DVD's donated by people for others to take I always look for James Bond novels.

This is one community book library we came across...

No luck here.  In fact I've never seen a James Bond novel in any of the library boxes I've ever peered into... until we walked past the next one.

This copy of "The Spy Who Loved Me" by Ian Fleming looks in pretty good condition in this photo however it's really only a reading copy, which is exactly why I left it in this box, for another person to discover the literary 007.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

James Bond Promotional Poster Arrives

Two days ago I posted about a pair of "No Time To Die" one-sheet posters released in 2021.  Today I received another Bond related poster... but this one is almost 40 years older.

I was a bit concerned when the poster cylinder arrived and one end of the rolled poster was exposed but fortunately (somehow) it was undamaged.

The poster measures approximately 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 inches) in size.

The unofficial James Bond film "Never Say Never Again" was released in 1983 starring Sean Connery in his seventh and last performance as 007.  The film has proven to be divisive amongst Bond fans, especially over the film's soundtrack which includes the theme song by Lani Hall.  Personally I love this theme song however it could be because this film (and "Octopussy" starring Roger Moore also released in the same year) were my introduction to Bond at the cinema.

As an additional comment, last year I also recieved this Japanese film programme for the same 007 adventure.  

Being a less popular Bond film promotional items like these are still easily available for reasonable prices.  I wonder how long that will last though and if the film will ever be re-evaluated as others have.

Monday, May 09, 2022

"No Time To Die" One-Sheet Posters

I recently received these two "No Time To Die" Australian one-sheets.  The posters appear to have never been displayed.

The first was designed for the postponed April 2020 release date, which was already the second (or third ?) abandoned release date due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The second one-sheet was used for what was the final release date in November 2021.

With the benefit of time since my last viewing I think that "No Time To Die" was both a bold and worthy conclusion to the Daniel Craig era.  Part progressive, part retrospective, and the book-end to an almost complete universe outside of the previous James Bond timeline.  "No Time To Die" has proven to be a very controversial addition to the Bond canon among Bond fans, and film fans in general, yet it has also re-invigorated a franchise that this year celebrates it's 60th anniversary.  And the most interesting question everyone asks is "Where to next ?".  James Bond will return.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Daylesford Bookshop And Another Fair

After visiting the Clunes Booktown Festival on Saturday my wife and I then drove thirty minutes to the town of Daylesford.  The town was on our way home anyway, perhaps not the quickest route, but it made sense as we were so close.

First we visited the cafe by the lake that also sold second hand books.  Well it used to anyway because the books have long gone now.

Next we visited Paradise Books on the main street.  This store sells both new and secondhand books.

The store was busy as it always seems to be.   And there were plenty books neatly organised on the shelves.

I managed to find these three copies of "Devil May Care" by Sebastian Faulks but I decided not to make any purchases.

On Sunday morning I woke early to attend the Vintage And Modern Toy Fair at the Malvern Town Hall.  

Considering entry was in 30 minute waves I was surprised how many people were already inside when I arrived.  And the hall was full of stalls.

Sadly though, apart from a few complete sets of James Bond trading cards these were the only Bond collectables I could find.  These two Corgi "The Spy Who Loved Me" vehicles, still on their unopened cards, would have been a great buy for someone (especially at only $35 and $40).  In fact when I returned just a few minutes later I noticed the white Lotus had already been sold.

So no purchases today for me but it was great to see all the different toys and collectables from my youth.

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Clunes Booktown Festival Returns

For the first time in three years Clunes Booktown Festival took place this weekend.  

The two day event, inviting people to visit the small rural Victorian town, was thriving when my wife and I arrived on Saturday.  I've included a "few" photos below to try and express how the town shines during this festival and how many book sellers attended.  But there were also authors doing signings and talks, publishers explaining to future authors how to get an idea to print, people in costume exciting the crowds and others quoting paragraphs from popular books.  It's not possible to capture the full extent of this event in images.

It was impossible to look in every box or carefully view every trestle table however these are all the James Bond adventures, books about Bond or related/linked books we managed to find:

My wife ended up purchasing some nice books for herself.  Meanwhile I found an excellent copy of Robert Markham's "Colonel Sun" published by Pan Books in 1968 which I couldn't resist.

Overall my wife and I both thought the festival was very well organised and we'll definitely be back.