Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Skyfall" For A Third Time

Tonight I went with the guys for our regular Tuesday cinema night and surprise, surprise, we saw "Skyfall".  One friend jumped high out his chair when an explosion occurred on the screen near the start of the film!  The other amazingly stayed to the end of the film after recounting that he had walked out of the last Bond film he had seen at the cinema, "Goldeneye", straight after the pre-credit sequence.  Fortunately both liked the film.

As a side note I didn't pick up on it before but the scotch whiskey Javier Bardem poured was 1962 vintage.  Probably obvious to everyone else (he even said it) but somehow I've missed that previously.

I also took some more snaps:

So far in Australia "Skyfall" has grossed AU$12.3 million across 580 screens.  Here's more info if you're interested.

I also managed to visit a Dymocks book store before the film.  Still on the hunt for a Kev Walker "Hurricane Gold" they did have one but it had a really obvious 1cm scratch on the cover.  Spewing.  I almost bought it just because it was so close to perfect.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Traffic Source To PizGloria.com

I was checking out Google Analytics tonight and found a new traffic source for my website - Bond And Beyond.  It's great to see PizGloria.com being referred to in this way.  The forum looks pretty cool too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Skyfall" Again + New Book Store Open At Chaddie

I went with my Dad and brother to see "Skyfall" on Friday night.  Fortunately the film was still very good upon second viewing and there were other things that took my attention.  I also took a couple more photos.  Not really sure why though, there are better images of the same scenes on the web (sans peoples heads in the way!)

Also, on Thursday I went with my wife to Chaddie (Chadstone Shopping Centre - the largest in the southern hemisphere I believe).  Both Borders and Angus & Robertson had shops there until a few years ago when they closed.  Then for the last few years new books were only sold in the department stores and the newsagent.  But to my surprise I discovered that Robinson's Bookshop, an independant book store I used to visit in Frankston and from where I used to purchase many new books, have opened a second store in Chaddie.  Great to see this book store expanding their business and I hope they go well in this new location.

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Skyfall" Posters Arrive

I received these three "Skyfall" one sheet posters in the mail today.

The first is the teaser poster...

The second and third are the versions used for the film's release here in Australia.

They all look so good it's hard to pick a favourite, although the one with Daniel Craig in action pose on the ground is pretty cool.

Having already seen the film once and about to see it again it's amazing to see so much Bond hype around at the moment.  And these are definitely great posters for a great film !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Skyfall" Melbourne Preview Screening

Tonight my wife and I attended a preview screening of "Skyfall" in Melbourne with some friends.  It wasn't a big event or anything, a heap of cinemas were holding preview screenings.  But it was great to see a new Bond on the big screen and as expected the film didn't let down.  Javier Bardem almost stole the show from a really strong Daniel Craig, while the supporting cast were excellent too.  The film was definitely a strong entry to the series, and despite the fact the Bond films have veered away from their roots (and chronology) to remain current and successful, this film still had a few old touches to link it to its predecessors (especially the DB5) !

I may have snuck the photo above during the course of the film.

The Australian premiere of "Skyfall" was in Sydney last Friday, while the film's official release date here is this Thursday, November 22.   Barbara Broccoli, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe all attended the premiere in Sydney last Friday.

Also as a side note, I visited the City with my wife for some shopping on the weekend.  I made the obligatory visits to a couple of book stores, my wife waiting patiently every time.  No luck though.  But I did manage to take another photo of the huge "Skyfall" billboard near Flinders Street Station.  This is a better photo.

Photo of  Flinders Street Station opposite

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last Orion Gardners Arrive (+ ESL Book)

Today I received four more books in the Orion Dan Mogford series - "Never Send Flowers", "Cold", "Goldeneye" and "Seafire".  These are the last four titles in this series, all written by John Gardner.  It will be great once I can scan them and add them to the website.

I also received a Longman English Second Language copy of "For Your Eyes Only" with a cover similar to a copy of "Thunderball" from Longman.  I believe there are only two titles with covers like this, but I'll keep looking anyway.

Finally on the topic of English Second Language James Bond novels, Macmillan Readers had a discount coupon offer in October to coincide with the release of "Skyfall" at the cinemas.  They offered 15% off all their Bond Readers novels.  Unfortunately the discount code has now expired, but it's great to see them promoting their Bond novels like this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Archie Ferguson Arrives

The last book in the Archie Ferguson Black & White series, "Diamonds Are Forever" arrived today.  I'm not sure why this book was delayed by the publishers as I received the 13 others last Month, however it's great to finally have the entire series.  I'll scan it and add it to the website ASAP.

I also went to the cinema tonight with some mates.  We saw "Seven Psychopaths" (a black comedy that took a much different path than expected and ultimately wasn't bad).  Plus as an added bonus the film was preceeded by a new "SkyFall" preview.  It looks really good.  This is the display they'd set up outside the theatre.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Returns - Ep 2

A couple of weeks ago when I received the almost complete set of Archie Ferguson Black & White series there were two that had been damaged in the post.  I've never had any other issues using this web book retailer so was very surprised.  "Octopussy" had been slightly bent in the middle, probably because it was so thin, and "From Russia With Love" had been damaged on the back.  Today I received the replacement copies without any problems at all.  That's why I think this book retailer is the best on the web.

Quick Book Store Visits

While in the City the other night for a theatre show I quickly visited a couple of book stores stocking new books. They were just around the corner from the theatre.  No luck though
Hill Of Content
The Paperback

"Skyfall" Billboards Appearing Around The City

My wife and I visited the City on Friday night to see a theatre show ("South Pacific" - my wife managed to find some cheap tickets).  We drove in and as we approached Flinders Street Station, a famous landmark in Melbourne, we could see a massive billboard advertising "Skyfall".  So I quickly grabbed my phone and took some photos while waiting at the traffic lights.  Ok, the billboard looked bigger when I took the photos, but you get the idea.

Then on Saturday I noticed this smaller billboard near some shops.  Same Daniel Craig image as above, just a bit smaller.  Great to see the promotion of the film stepping up here in Oz.  Not long to go now.

Book Returns - Ep 1

On Saturday I returned to Farrell's Bookshop in Mornington where I returned the slightly damaged copy of "Hurricane Gold" I had purchased from them a week before

During the week they'd even received another copy of the same book but as is such with these covers it was also slightly damaged.  I guess I'm very fussy.  Regardless the person behind the shop counter had no hesitation in giving me a refund.

My wife and her sister also travelled with me to Mornington, so while they were clothes shopping I visited the two second hand bookstores in town.  No luck though.

Books By The Bay
Chapter House Books

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

50 Years Of Bond

I've purchased a couple of items recently celebrating 50 years of James Bond on the cinema screen.  Nothing at all to do with the PizGloria website, but essential buying as a fan. My wife has declared that I can have one item now and the other will be a gift for me at Christmas and hidden in a cupboard somewhere. I've just got to select which one.

"Skyfall" is yet to be released in Australia and it's been hard avoiding spoilers on the web.  The film premieres here on November 22, however I managed to book an advance screening with my wife and friends.  Not sure why the delay in the release over here but based on what I've heard about the film so far it sounds like it's going to be great.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Almost... But No Cigar

On Sunday my wife and I drove to Farrell's Bookshop in Mornington.  The drive took us over an hour from our home, but it's a great independant store that I've purchased new Bond books from in the past, and Mornington is always a nice place to visit.

I'd already rang the store in advance to confirm they had a copy of "Hurricane Gold" in the Kev Walker cover series.  With just 15 minutes to go until the store closed I found the book sitting on the shop counter waiting for me, I explained I was the person who had rang, the staff member handed it to me and I checked it out before purchasing it.  Job done.  I now had the complete set of this series... or so I thought.

So Sunday night I took a photo of the book for this blog. 

But as I lifted it I felt something strange on the back, and turning it over I noticed a small 3/4 cm tear at one edge, and the pages nearby were damaged.  Spewing !  I'm really not sure how I didn't notice.

Anyway, I rang Farrells yesterday and they said they were sorry and had no problems about me returning it.  And I know it wasn't the fault of Farrell's Bookshop but now I've got to find time to drive back down to Mornington next weekend to return the only copy they had.  And the hunt I thought was over will have to begin again.

The joy of collecting !

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nobody Likes A Smartarse !

A strange thing occurred while I was driving home from my small book hunt today.

I often listen to an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) radio station in the car.  It's run by the government and provides great news and information about local and world events.  I like to listen to it while driving to and from work as I never get to see the 6pm News on TV.

I occasionally listen on the weekend too, especially when there's cricket on.  Luckily I had it on tonight because the guys on the radio had just discussed "SkyFall" and were asking listeners to call in for a Bond film music quiz.

So I pulled the car over and rang them, and low and behold I was the first person through.  This must be the third time I've ever been on any radio station so I was a bit nervous.

They introduced me and then asked a question like "What was the title of the theme song to 'Live And Let Die' ?".  Anyway I might have (stupidly) elaborated on the answer by also saying it was performed by Paul McCartney and Wings, and they said "Well that was the next question we were going to ask so we'll skip that now".  They then asked a question about the producer of the song, George Martin.

Out of curiosity they asked who my favourite Bond actor was, before they continued with the quiz.

The next question was something like "Who sang the theme song to 'OHMSS' ?".  I explained that "OHMSS" only had an instrumental theme song by John Barry, and the song I thought they might be referring to was Louis Armstrong's which occurred during the film.  They said "We think you're going to know all the answers to the quiz tonight, so how about we just give you a prize and then continue the quiz with some other callers".  I said no probs.  I did come across as a bit of a smartarse.  Anyway, they're still sending me a sports prize and the guy who asked for my address at the end said "The guys have never done anything like this before".

I was very lucky too because the next question was "What was the title of the theme song to 'Quantum Of Solace' ?".  I knew it was sung by Jack White and Alicia Keys but couldn't recall the title so I would have got the next question wrong!

Regardless, perhaps I should have curbed my enthusiasm.

ps."Another Way To Die"

Hunting For "Hurricane Gold"

I spent an hour travelling between stores today on the hunt for the last Kev Walker Young Bond "Hurricane Gold" that I'm missing.  Today I was in Melbourne's South East suburbs.  I first visited Dymocks at Southland Shopping Centre.  No luck there though, they only had the previous Charlie Higson Young Bond covers.

Then I travelled to Brighton where two stores exist almost directly opposite each other on the main street.  Top Titles Books is a great independent store with a huge collection of new books including hundreds of children's, all well organised within a relatively small floor space.  Back in 2009 I ordered the two Vintage "Devil May Care" novels from the US through this store and they arrived in perfect condition.  Unfortunately no luck today though.

Then I walked across the road to Thesaurus Books, another independent store, containing heaps of new books too.  This is a really long shop, well lit and always stocking the latest books.  Again no luck today.