Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Similar Covers

I just remembered something that occurred when I visited Dymocks bookstore last Saturday.  As I walked in I noticed the new Pan Macmillan - Picador 40th Anniversary paperback covers.  For a second I thought they were the new Amazon Bond covers until I picked one of them up.  Looking at the covers again it's probably a bit of a long bow but here they are.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another City Hunt

It was a beautiful day in Melbourne last Saturday so my wife and I decided to take a trip to the City.  As well as visiting some clothes and handbag stores and having a great lunch together, we also visited the following stores:

- Basement Books (second hand) - a few Gardners
- Dymocks (new) - just the seven current Vintage "There Is Only One Bond".  Also some "Kev Walker Young Bonds" but unfortunately all damaged - must be a problem with the cutting process where the plastic film slightly separates from the cover on the edges
- Kay Craddock (antiquarian) - none
- Reader's Feast (new) - "Kev Walker Young Bonds" but unfortunately again all damaged
- Kill City (second hand) - three 60's Flemings and a couple of ex-library hardbacks
- W.H.Smith (new) - had a "3 for 2" sale featuring the "Popular Penguins" including "Casino Royale"
- Reader's Feast in the State Library (new) - none
- Embiggen Books (new) - none.  My first visit to this store.  Very nice
- Hill Of Content (new) - none

So overall an unsuccessful hunt however it was nice to get out of the house and spend the day togther, plus we walked for about 3 hours so we're a bit fitter now.  I would have included some photos but we decided to not take our phones.  Sometimes it's nice not to be contactable.  I've included an image of the Kill City business card which I picked up though.

On Sunday I caught up with my Dad at a soccer game.  He'd been to Baxter with my Mum earlier that day and visited the Baxter Market.  Apparently there were a couple of faded Flemings but no luck there either.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Couple Of Recent Hardback Purchases

A couple of weeks ago I visited a second hand store and discovered a hardback first edition copy of "The Book Of Bond" for sale.  I've almost purchased a copy of this same hardback in the past only to discover the reversible dust jacket had been attacked by silverfish.  Well this time I was more fortunate, so I bought it.

Then on Sunday I visited another second hand store that unfortunately was closed.  I still took a photo of the shopfront anyway, and then as I was about to leave I noticed in the window display a hardback copy of "Moonraker".  I knew it wasn't a first edition, no one would place a first edition dust jacket in a window display in view of the sun, but I was missing this Cape so I rang today for the price.  As soon as I found out I spoke to my boss and organised to leave work at 4:30pm instead of 5 to go and pick it up. 

And so after forking out only $80 in total here are the two books.  Of course they won't be included on my website, but no right minded Bond collector wouldn't have purchased them (or at least that's what I told my wife!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Remaining Vintage 007 Series Arrive

I was very happy at work today to receive a big box of books which upon opening turned out to be the remaining 13 novels in the Vintage 007 series.  The books arrived in great condition due in no doubt to the very impressive protective packaging around the books.  Tonight I've spent a few hours scanning and adding them to the website.  Here's some photos:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Vintage 007 Novel Arrives

I received my first novel in the Vintage 007 series today via the post - "Diamonds Are Forever". One thing I really like is the last page of the book reads "James Bond will return in From Russia With Love".  Great little touch during the 50th anniversary year of Bond on the cinema screen.

Before coming home from work tonight I visited Readings in St Kilda.  While there I thought I'd found a great copy of "Silverfin" in the Kev Walker Young Bond series, until I noticed a big scratch on the shiny silver spine.  Spewing !  The hunt continues...

I also received some bad news today from The Astor Theatre.  On Saturday, October 13 they're showing a screening of OHMSS and before-hand there will be a Q&A with Mr George Lazenby.  The event has been an anticipated highlight of mine for a while now, especially at the prospect of a photo and autograph with the man himself.  I've been telling heaps of people about it, drumming up the numbers.  Even my wife said she'd come along (she's never seen the film).  But news came through today that while Mr Lazenby will still be participating in the Q&A he will no longer be available to sign autographs or participate in any photos.  Mr Lazenby is appearing at the Armageddon Expo 2012 that same day in the City so that might be the only way for me to grab a photo and autograph.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Another New Young Bond Cover Purchased

I found another new Young Bond novel today with a cover illustrated by Kev Walker.  Only three to go in this series now.   I've added this series to the website.

Friday, September 07, 2012

John Gardner Reprints Available

It's taken a while but the new John Gardner reprints are finally appearing on shelves in Australian stores.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Heineken Promo

At a pub in Hahndorf, South Australia I noticed this Heineken promo on the window

Adelaide Break

My wife and I just returned from a holiday in Adelaide where we shared a place with some friends and their kids. During our time there I managed to track down a few book stores.  I definitely saw more Fleming / Jonathan Cape first editions there than here in Melbourne (I saw four and a later edition) and every store I visited seemed to have sold at least one first edition in the last few years.
Curio Books, Hahndorf - had one movie tie-in "From Russia With Love" that was in pretty good condition

Chapter Two Books, Stirling - featuring a Penguin Classic ten book box set on the table to the right outside the front of the store.  I took it as a lucky sign but alas no.  There were a few Penguin's in store, a book club edition hard back and a 60's Pan.  Great store
Acacia Arts Bookshop, Adelaide - featuring a hard back book club edition of "Colonel Sun" in the window display (laying down in the book shelf on the left and featuring the red mask)

New Morning Books, Unley - had a US hard back version of "Live And Let Die" and a movie tie-in "Casino Royale"
A Lions Club charity book shop, Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley - the volunteers serving told me they thought they'd sold all their Bond books however I managed to find a hardback book club edition of "Licence Renewed" and a 90's Coronet "Colonel Sun"

I also visited the Adelaide Markets where there was a small book stall and a pile of 60's Pans.  Also a book exchange that was in the process of shutting down / moving, and a couple of antiquarian book sellers. Unfortunately for all of my searching I came home empty handed !

But here's a couple of photos we took during our drive home (total distance driven return was 1767 kms):

Latest Charlie Higson Covers Available In Oz

Last Monday I visited a local book store and discovered that the latest Charlie Higson covers are now available in Oz.  Difficult covers to find without any damage or marks but I did come upon a good copy of "By Royal Command".  I'm hoping to scan it and add it to the website soon.  Hopefully more to follow once I find them