Monday, December 15, 2014

Shoot To Kill + Christmas Card

I managed to purchase a great copy of "Shoot To Kill" in a bookshop in Malvern today.  I don't know about other collectors but I dread trying to find a good copy of a silver or gold covered book; they always seem to get scratched during transport to the book stores.  I remember having to visit many book stores a few years ago to find a good copy of "Hurricane Gold", so I was very happy after my visit to "Books In Print" today.
Also, while at work today I received a Christmas card from Adrian Harrington Rare Books in the UK.  I've never received a Christmas card from a book store before so it was certainly a pleasant surprise, especially with it having been sent from the other side of the world.  

I visited Harringtons in 2013 when on holiday with my wife.  It was an awesome book store with heaps of Jonathan Cape Bond books for sale.  And as an added bonus I was given a tour of Jon Gilbert's private Bond collection.  I doubt I'll ever see a better set of books.

Here's a photo of the card (which includes a figure of Bond).  For those planning a visit to Harringtons please be aware that they are moving to Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent in January 2015.

Just as a final note to this blog entry, presently a gunman is holding a group of hostages captive in cafe in central Sydney.  Here's hoping it all ends peacefully.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Merchant Of Fairness - Take 2

Monday week ago I visited The Merchant Of Fairness book store in Balwyn.  Unbeknown to me the store is closed one day a week - Mondays.  So last Sunday I managed to make a stop there again when the store was open.

As I entered, the lady behind the counter greeted me.  I asked about Fleming only to discover there were no Bonds on the shelf as a gentleman had bought all three the day before.  (Spewing !)  I did manage to find one Gardner book club hardback though.

Mavis, wife of Rod the owner, then showed me around the store and was happy for me to take these pics.

As you can see the store is really well laid out.  The many books sit neatly organised on the shelves with no doubt something for everyone.  I'll be visiting here again soon... and hopefully before that other bloke.