Friday, March 31, 2023

"What's In The Box ?"

The James Bond collector John F., a frequent visitor to, has decided to sell his extensive collection of quality books.  It feels like every day there's a new batch of books posted on the Facebook group James Bond Collectable Books Worldwide by John to excite us collectors.  I was fortunate to purchase the items in the box that arrived today.

And here's two of the books I snapped up...

These are English Second Language (ESL) abridged novels created for students learning English.  I already have similar copies of both books however these copies have slight variations.

The first book to compare are these covers of Ian Fleming's "Diamonds Are Forever" adapted by Patrick Nobes with a cover illustration by Francis Phillipps.  Both were printed in the UK however the Bulls-Eye logos in the bottom left corner of the covers differ.  

The copy on the left with the yellow, black and red logo was printed in 1989 by Hutchinson and has an ISBN of 0091299411.  The copy on the right with the white logo was printed in 1991 by Thornes and has an ISBN of 0748710183.  These are only minor differences but still interesting as a collector.

The other book is "For Your Eyes Only" which is one of Ian Fleming's short stories collection.  These editions were published by Longman Structural Readers and simplified by Norman Wymer with a cover illustration by John Holder.  Both were printed in Hong Kong.  

The copy on the right was printed in 1975 and has further text in black on the cover compared to the one on the left which was printed in 1977.   Both copies share the same ISBN of 0582537924.  Again not much of a difference between covers but probably more obvious than the "Diamonds Are Forever" above.

As for the remaining items in the box, here's a sneak preview.  These are probably more interesting... and harder to find in the wild.