Monday, January 09, 2023

Lego Speed Champions Aston Martin DB5 Completed

Just prior to Christmas I purchased the Lego Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 set.  I suspect many other James Bond collectors may have also received it as a gift for Christmas in 2022.

So during the Christmas and New Year break I started building the set.  I completed Stage 1 around NYE and then stopped as the weather here in Melbourne, Victoria was superb.

Yesterday I completed Stage 2:

I think the set is brilliant, especially for the price.  I note that James Bond's choice of weapon in the Lego instructions is a wrench however there was an "accidental" inclusion of a second exhaust piece in the set that also doubles as a firearm.  

And here's the vehicle next to the much larger Lego Creator 007 Aston Martin set:

I have to say if you're looking at spending less than AU$30 on a James Bond gift for yourself you couldn't go wrong with this set.

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