Sunday, December 11, 2022

William Boyd's " Solo" Book Variant

I spend a lot of time searching for James Bond paperback cover variants online and in secondhand book stores.  Recently I've been concentrating on Coronet cover variations which I'll include in a later post.  As I was going through my Coronet books the other day I realised I didn't need to go too far to find my latest variant... it was already sitting on a shelf in my bookcase.

In April this year my wife and I visited the annual Yarragon book fair where I purchased "three unread paperbacks that were a bargain at just $1 each to add to my doubles box".   One was a copy of William Boyd's "Solo" published by Vintage in 2014.  The other day I finally noticed the size of this paperback differed from another copy of the same novel.  Perhaps other collectors were already aware but this paperback came in two sizes.  Here's the two books with their size difference:

I'm going to add this cover to the "Solo" page on my website soon however as the covers look almost identical it's going to be hard to differentiate between them on the screen.  But as seen in the photos above they have different barcodes and ISBN's.   I wonder if there are other book variations on my shelves still waiting to be discovered ?  I hope so.

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