Saturday, February 06, 2021

I Finally Visit The Frankston Book Exchange

The Frankston Book Exchange has long been on my list of second hand book stores to visit.  And today I was finally able to... eventually.

Once in Frankston I parked my car (containing my patient wife) and using Google map directions from my phone attempted to find the store.  I ended up walking two laps of a large block of shops before finding the shopping arcade that I needed.

I'd stupidly left my mask in the car so first had to ensure the owner I was covid-free before entering.  The store was larger than I expected containg many used books on a large range of categories.  

I had to ask the friendly owner where the Bond novels were and he pointed me to a couple of paperbacks and a Book Club hardback sans dust jacket.  He had lots of Fleming paperbacks a couple of weeks earlier but had transferred them to his brother's second hand book store in Pakenham.

Unfortunately no purchases for me today however now I know exactly where the store is I'll be sure to visit again.

On a side note I did happen to walk past Robinson's Book Shop in Frankston during my search today. 

I bought my very first brand new John Gardner - James Bond paperback from this store (when it used to be located near the Frankston Library) back in the early 1980's.  It was my go-to bookshop for James Bond novels back then.  Today I wasn't allowed to enter as I didn't have a mask.  Fair enough.

Here's a couple more photos I took while lost in Frankston:

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