Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Forever And A Day" Promotional Items

When a new James Bond novel is released I'm always curious what promotional material accompanies it. Flyers, postcards, stickers, bookmarks, pins, pens, mugs, keyrings... Unfortunately since I live in Australia I've only been able to acquire a handful of these items over the years. Instead I've had to admire them through web searches of book launches overseas or pictures from other people's Bond collections.

That was until late last week when I received a complimentary copy of Anthony Horowitz's "Forever And A Day" in the mail from Penguin/Random House in the UK. It's the standard Jonathan Cape first edition hardback with a smart cover design by Kris Potter. However this one also came with a few pieces of promotional material. Firstly there was an A3 size book flyer. It arrived a little worse for wear, but that only inspires me to find a better copy. Next was a British European Airways ticket belonging to James Bond followed by postcard to "Monique" from "M".  Finally there was a plastic wallet for business cards etc.

While these items are great, the highlight of the promotional material available has to be the new limited edition paperback of Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale" from Vintage featuring a cover designed (again) by Kris Potter. This promotional item wasn't complimentary, instead I had to order it from the UK via my local Dymocks Bookstore. And boy is it a nice cover, reminiscent of the "bleeding hearts" on the first edition dust jacket from the 1950's designed by Fleming himself. All in all I think the Penguin/Random House marketing team has done a fantastic job promoting "Forever And A Day"...

... and not only that, in my opinion these two covers look great together.

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