Monday, June 06, 2016

"Shoot To Kill" From Singapore

In December 2015 my friend Yan travelled to Singapore.  While there she was kind enough to visit the Kinokuniya Bookstore and take some photos for me.

She noticed they had many copies of the UK version of Steve Cole's Young Bond novel "Shoot To Kill" on the shelves.  At the time that version of the cover was not available in Australia.  Six months later this cover is still not available here and according to staff at the many book stores I've visited there's no release date for it at this time.

So two weeks ago when Yan mentioned she was travelling to Singapore again I asked if she could visit Kinokuniya Bookstore and purchase a copy of "Shoot To Kill" for me.  Today was her first day back at work and sure enough she'd bought a copy, the last on the shelves in Singapore.

And here it is...  Thanks heaps Yan !

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