Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quick Book Hunt + Omega Lifetime Magazine

I visited a couple of second hand book stores today that I regularly haunt.  Both are in Caulfield South and are almost opposite each other.  

The first was "Out Of Print Books etc".  As usual Ken greeted me as I entered his store and the Bond books were sitting together on one of the shelves.  There were several new Bond paperbacks in stock compared to my last visit and the Triad-Granada copy of "Dr No" shown below was in such a nice unread condition I couldn't resist purchasing it.

The second store was "Syber's Books".  Ever since I started visiting this store I've never found a James Bond paperback on the shelf and I suspect they're all held at "Penny Syber's" book store on Chapel Street.  However today after navigating to the back of the store, through the maze of shelves and boxes of books, I managed to find one Sebastian Faulks and six John Gardner Bond hardbacks as shown below, all reasonably priced too.

Finally, while in Singapore last week I managed to acquire two copies of the latest Omega Lifetime magazine; the "Spectre Edition".  I have since given away one copy to a fellow Melbourne blogger Teeritz who writes The Teeritz Agenda which often features blog entries about Omega watches and James Bond.  His blog is always a great read and thus I thought he might like a copy of this magazine.

Here's some photos from the Omega Lifetime magazine:

And in return Teeritz was kind enough to give me an Omega booklet which was available during the release of "Casino Royale".

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