Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Another Bond Book Finally Arrives

Two months ago a fellow Bond fan, CityLakes, contacted me about a promotional copy of "Goldfinger" published by Vintage Books that was missing from the Promotional Copies page of the website. The paperback was included with the November 2012 issue of GQ magazine that featured Daniel Craig on the cover.  Somehow I had missed this issue when it was first released.

After a week of searching I managed to find a copy of the relevant GQ magazine accompanied by the "Goldfinger" paperback.  What's more, the magazine and book were both unread.  I was then able to get a friend and fellow Bond fan in the UK to forward me the magazine (by sea) and book (by air) and voila... the "Goldfinger" book arrived (extremely well packaged) the other day.

So here's some photos from when I first opened it.  The back cover reads "Promotional copy not for resale" and beneath it "Available with GQ".  The cover also has a matte finish compared to the retail version.
I'll be adding a scan of the front and back covers to the Promotional Copies page of the website ASAP and I'll also include some photos of the magazine when it arrives.

Thanks again to both of the Bond fans involved, firstly for informing me about this book and secondly for organising its transport and safe arrival here in Oz.  Much appreciated.

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