Saturday, August 30, 2014

Northcote And Thornbury Book Hunt

Three weeks ago my wife and I made our way to Northcote and Thornbury for a Saturday afternoon book hunt.
First stop was Retro Active on High Street.  This store sells excellent vintage stuff, concentrating mainly on furniture from Europe and Australia. It also sells prints, clothes, jewellery, ornaments... and second-hand books.  On the day we visited I learnt a woman had just purchased seven Bond paperbacks for her husband, so I'd just missed out.  Looks like I'll have to visit again when they've replenished their stock.

Next stop was Allsorts Secondhand Books.   They had a copy of "Devil May Care" and "Carte Blanche".  I've had some luck in the store in the past, but not today, although I did purchase some books for my wife's Aunt.
A few shops away was Brown & Bunting Booksellers.  As always the shelves were well organised and the store could easily be mistaken for being a store selling new books, not second-hand.  You'll notice in the photos below they had several Bonds but unfortunately I had them all. 

Our next stop was Howard Bolton Bookseller.  On entry Howard immediately recognised and greeted me.  There were a couple of other customers in the store and Howard was helping them.  I checked the shelves and found ten Bond books, and then Howard suddenly appeared with seven more.  I ended up purchasing the "Goldfinger" shown on the top of the pile.  Despite already having the same copy I couldn't go past it as it was in such good condition.  Thanks Howard !
Our final stop of the day was Fully Booked in Thornbury.  Rallou was her usual friendly self on seeing me.  We'd actually ran into each other just a few weeks earlier at a book fair.  I always enjoy visiting Fully Booked.  Rallou and her husband Tadhg (pronounced "Taig") are very passionate about their store and providing a great place to shop.  She told me there were a few Bonds in the bookcase down the back, but she added I probably already had them.  She did however point me to the Film category where they'd setup a "Bond, James Bond" section.  Nice one.  No Bonds for me here today but they did have plenty for sale.


teeritz said...

I grew up a few streets away from Howard Bolton's shop. It used to be a delicatessen and I always feel a twinge of sadness whenever I drive past it these days. Along with the ever-changing High Street, it's a reminder that life goes by very quickly.

Bazeer Flumore said...

Thanks Teeritz. Didn't realise it was a deli. If you ever get a chance definitely check it out. It may make it easier to drive past afterwards.