Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Spoils Of Travel

I mentioned during our recent "world tour" that I purchased, or was given (thanks again Darren), a few Bond books while overseas.

All three Gardners in the photo below were found at Russell Books in Victoria, Canada.  The "Licence Renewed" is the copy I mentioned that has a darker brown cover than normal and the gold tint is missing.  I also purchased a couple of Woods that are better copies than I already had and a "Live And Let Die" movie tie-in with a spine that hasn't faded which is quite unusual.
The three French titles above were purchased in Paris, one from a book stall beside the Seine and two from L'amour Du Noir bookstore.  I know it's pretty common but I really like this edition of "Dr No".

The copy of "Carte Blanche" below was purchased at a thrift store in Vancouver, Canada.  The US copy of "Blood Fever" was purchased at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York. The final three books (the two "Casino Royale"s and the UK "Blood Fever") were given to me by Darren in the UK.
So in total I brought back 15 books of which 5 (possibly 6) editions I didn't already have.  The most notable of these is the UK "Blood Fever" that says "The Number One Bestseller" at the top of the cover.  I had previously believed this cover only existed as a prototype but Darren proved me wrong.  Here's the text I had previously added to about this cover that I will soon be removing.

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