Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ruislip And London Book Stores

The new James Bond novel "Solo" written by William Boyd was released today in the UK.  When I was in London just over a week ago I visited many book stores in my search for promotional material for the new book but alas found nothing.

However I did find some book stores of interest.  The first was Madcap Books in Ruislip.  This new releases book store has only been open for a short time and Jackie, the owner, explained it was the only new book store to open in London during the entire previous year.  This store has a wide selection of adult and teenage novels (including Charlie Higson "Young Bond" novels) and Jackie is very enthusiastic about books and her store.  I wish her all the best.  The website for the store is here but if you physically visit the store be sure to pick up a business card which resembles a stamp with the effigy wearing a hat.  Like it !

My wife and I then visited some rare and antiquarian book stores in Cecil Court and Charing Cross Road, central London.  Here's some photos which feature many Jonathan Cape First Editions.

View looking down Cecil Court

Goldboro Books, Cecil Court (including two Flemings in the front window)

Tindley & Chapman, Cecil Court

Pinda Bryars Books, Cecil Court (with one Fleming in the front window)

David Drummond, Cecil Court (also with one Fleming in the front window)

Alice Through The Looking Glass, Cecil Court

And some second hand book stores on Charing Cross Road just around the corner.

Any Amount Of Books, Charing Cross Road

 Henry Pordes Books, Charing Cross Road

Quinto & Francis Edwards Booksellers, Charing Cross Road

And the last bookshop Koenig Books, Charing Cross Road, which sells arty books

It was certainly a busy couple of hours visiting these stores !

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