Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tale Of Two Lamp Posts

Two days ago while in the UK I travelled with my wife and Aunt on the underground to London.  Prior to doing some shopping and sight seeing we first made our way to Westminster where we took a photo of a lamp post.  Yep, sounds weird.  But it was the lamp post used in promo photos for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and was always going to be a pilgrimage site for me on our current "world tour" due to my appreciation of the film.
Happy with the photo I thought "mission accomplished" and we boarded a double-decker for Oxford Circus.  And as we crossed the bridge in the bus toward Big Ben I referred to the photos of Mr Lazenby I'd been carrying around with me and realised I'd made a rookie mistake...
... it was the wrong lamp post.

My heart sank as I then noticed the correct one through the moving bus window just metres from where we'd just been standing beside the Thames.  And as the rest of our day was so planned out to the minute I knew there was no way we could turn around.

So the next day, the last day of our holiday in the UK and with packing still to finish before our flight, I woke extremely early and caught two trains to Westminster.  And this time I snapped the correct lamp post before rushing back to my wife and the lift to the airport.  Mission accomplished... successfully this time !

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