Saturday, September 07, 2013

From Victoria To Victoria - Part 2

Our second (and last) day in Victoria, BC started with an early walk to the Chronicles Of Crime book store that we found late the day before.  This time we visited during opening hours.  I introduced myself to the shop owner and she showed me all the Bonds she currently had in stock.

The Chronicles Of Crime store has a huge collection of good quality second hand books.  There is a section of older "pulp" books, but alas held no older Bonds on the day of my visit.  However the well organised fiction shelves did hold a collection of 17 newer Bond books.  There were no Bonds to add to my collection this time but I would expect to find others in the near future if I was able to visit again soon.

Here's some photos of the store, and there's also a website which is definitely worth a visit.

After my wife and I had some breakfast we paid a visit to a familiar book store. It turns out Russell Books (mentioned in the previous blog entry) has another store on View Street titled Books On View (clever !) as they have so many books for sale.  This store had a few Bond hard backs on the shelves, and the staff were as friendly as ever.  Here's some photos:

Finally, after we visited this store we went to the Royal British Columbia Museum.  Very impressive.  Here's some photos.

Then we caught a bus to the Beauchamp Gardens which were better than I thought...

...before catching the ferry home to Cherry's place in Vancouver again.

We also managed to see some orca whales on our journey.

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