Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Surprise Free Film In The Park

If you're not already aware my wife and I are currently on holiday in Vancouver, Canada.

Yesterday Cherry, who we are staying with, asked if my wife and I would be interested in seeing a free film in a park in Vancouver city.  We both said Yes.  Unaware of what film was being shown though she looked it up on the web.  And surprise... surprise... it was a Bond film.  At this particular time she didn't know I was a Bond fan (now she does !)

We first visited a local supermarket where we grabbed some roast chicken and salad for our picnic under the stars, and then caught a bus to the City.  The trip took about 15 minutes and we were there.

With the sun setting we quickly ate our dinner on the grass.  People were still turning up with their fold-up chairs and picnic rugs while we ate, and as the sunlight dimmed.

Soon enough it was time for the film to begin.

And the film was the 1964 classic "Goldfinger". The amazing thing is there are only one or two films shown every year in this park, all sponsored by businesses in the area, so we were fortunate for it to have been a Bond film.

I did manage to grab a few snaps before sitting back and enjoying the night.

Many I suspect had never seen this film before, including my wife.  People were laughing at the jokes, and the corny lines.  But they were also 100% watching the film and the atmosphere was great.  And when the film finished everyone clapped and made their way home.  Great night !  Thanks to the event sponsors Yaletown and James Schouw & Associates, whoever you are !

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