Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seattle Book Hunt - Part 2

On the return walk to our hotel after visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle we stopped at Arundel Books.  Arundel Books is located on 1st Avenue South very close to Globe Books from my previous blog entry.  The store is down some stairs below street level. 

When we arrived the owner was just locking up for the day but was happy to reopen for me.  This store has many fine and antique books, and upon checking their computer inventory the owner explained he had sold plenty of Bond paperbacks and hard backs in the last five years however currently had none in stock.

Arundel Books has many books listed on the web at

Just before I left to allow the owner to lock up again he mentioned another book store in the same building but at the rear.  So my wife and I went up another flight of stairs and found Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers near Occidental Park.  Fortunately this store was still open.  Fearful of the owner closing, as soon as I entered I immediately asked if he had any Fleming. He directed me to the appropriate section of the store where I found a second edition hard back of Fleming's "Thrilling Cities" published by Jonathan Cape.  I didn't buy it though.

The next day in Seattle my wife and I continued exploring the city.  We found a couple more book stores but none carried second hand Bond paperbacks.  It seems Bond isn't easy to find in Seattle !

We did however manage to climb the Space Needle...
And saw the city from a new perspective...
We also visited the glass garden exhibition at the base of the Needle.  If you plan on visiting Seattle soon I can definitely recommend this.  The glass art exhibits were fantastic and I'd hate to think how long most of them would have taken the artist to create.

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