Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Kev Walker Young Bond Purchased

I had an RDO today so I visited a few book stores searching for the two Kev Walker Young Bond titles I'm missing - "Blood Fever" and "Hurricane Gold".  I first visited Glenferrie Road in Malvern where there are three (almost) independent stores selling new books all within 100 metres of each other.  I see this as very unusual, but also handy when searching for new books.  The three stores are "Readings", "Jeffreys" and "Books In Print".

And fortunately the last shop I visited, "Books In Print", had a copy of "Blood Fever" I needed.

I was also very surprised today.  Visiting Chapel Street in Prahran only a few suburbs from Malvern I found that Dymocks have opened a new store.  Gutsy move but good on Dymocks, especially as only about two years after Borders closed their store on the same street.  Unfortunately no Young Bonds here though.

So now there's only "Hurricane Gold" to go in this series.

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