Monday, May 02, 2022

Daylesford Bookshop And Another Fair

After visiting the Clunes Booktown Festival on Saturday my wife and I then drove thirty minutes to the town of Daylesford.  The town was on our way home anyway, perhaps not the quickest route, but it made sense as we were so close.

First we visited the cafe by the lake that also sold second hand books.  Well it used to anyway because the books have long gone now.

Next we visited Paradise Books on the main street.  This store sells both new and secondhand books.

The store was busy as it always seems to be.   And there were plenty books neatly organised on the shelves.

I managed to find these three copies of "Devil May Care" by Sebastian Faulks but I decided not to make any purchases.

On Sunday morning I woke early to attend the Vintage And Modern Toy Fair at the Malvern Town Hall.  

Considering entry was in 30 minute waves I was surprised how many people were already inside when I arrived.  And the hall was full of stalls.

Sadly though, apart from a few complete sets of James Bond trading cards these were the only Bond collectables I could find.  These two Corgi "The Spy Who Loved Me" vehicles, still on their unopened cards, would have been a great buy for someone (especially at only $35 and $40).  In fact when I returned just a few minutes later I noticed the white Lotus had already been sold.

So no purchases today for me but it was great to see all the different toys and collectables from my youth.

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