Thursday, July 10, 2014

Financial Bond

A copy of the financial magazine "In The Black" landed of one of my workmate's desks today.  And after Sharon had flicked through a couple pages she said she'd found an article I might be interested in.  Now I'm not normally one to pick up magazines about finance but the article she pointed out was about financial bonds, and accompanying the text were some photos... of Sean Connery as Bond.

Now I know we've all seen photos of James Bond in a book, magazine or on TV where there was little relevance to the character himself (in this case the only link was the word "bonds" and "Bond"), however this article featured three photos of Mr Connery.

So I was wondering, as three photos were included in the article, does this mean stills from early Bond films are now cheaper to purchase as stock images? Perhaps there was an offer at the time: buy one... get three?  Or finally is there a Bond fan at the "In The Black" offices?  Regardless the article got my attention.

Here's some photos:

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